There are a lot of great resources that you can use for your creative business. But how do you choose which ones are worth your time and effort?

This is a list of my favorites. At every opportunity, I use free or low-cost resources since I’m a bootstrapper-type. I do get a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you end up using some of the paid services through these links, but rest assured that I have either used these things myself, or I know and trust the producer’s content. I value your trust as well, and hope that you find this page helpful.

What do you think of this list? Do you have any resources that you feel should be on here? We all love lists… and ones like this are by their very nature always evolving. So please drop me a line here with your input.



My Top Five Favorite Resources for Artists and Designers


Create your own online gallery website with Bluehost


You need a self-hosted website for your creative business… at the very least, you need a secure online place that you can point clients and potential employers. Think of this as your own secure piece of online real estate for not just your gallery, but your entire business. Check out my special Bluehost resource page here.

Elegant Themes

For beautiful, easy-to-use WordPress themes, try Elegant Themes. Their flagship theme, Divi, is what this site is built on. It’s fast, simple, and powerful, and I highly recommend it. (I also use Divi for nearly all of my client websites that I build.)

Elegant Themes - Beautiful WordPress Themes


Evernote is a fantastic, free note-taking app for your computer and mobile device. It’s really shortchanging it to call it a ‘note taking app’… It’s very robust and has a lot of useful features that can help you organize your entire business. I like to use it for blog posts, business planning, and for storing ideas and snapshots.


Dropbox syncs files to multiple places, including online, to your computer, and to your mobile device. You get five free GB of storage when you sign on, and the service and apps are free. You may choose to pay more for more storage down the road, but the free 5 GB are fine for starting out. Use it right now to back up your most important documents safely and securely, if you aren’t currently using a backup solution.

LG Wireless Bluetooth Headset

I love this thing. It allows me to listen to music, record audio notes, make and take calls with the press of a single button. Since it’s bluetooth it connects to my laptop or my mobile device, giving me total freedom to move around the studio and use both hands.

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