Watch as I create a colored pencil drawing from scratch with a simple still life.

The colored pencil set featured in this video is a 32 Colored Pencil Canvas Roll from Griffin Art Supply. It’s super handy to roll up the pencils in the canvas wrap and keep them organized. As you can see, the pigments in the leads are pretty soft and have good color density. They also hold up pretty well to my spontaneous, sometimes overly energetic drawing style (I never was very good at staying in the lines!)

I set up the still life on a large piece of white sketch paper, a single unfiltered photography light, and features some somewhat ripe fruit I found in my fridge. I shot it with an iPhone 5 using the wonderful “Lapse It” app, which is free. I used a smartphone mount and a very cheap tripod which did the trick.

The less-than-fresh fruit turned out to be pretty fun to draw because it had pits and scars that gave the piece some character! I celebrated afterward by eating the least squishy apple and the grapes (they were surprisingly tart for their age.)

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