Build An Audience and Sell More Creative Work With This Complete Artist Website Building Course (A $97 Value, FREE)

What You’ll Find Inside This Course

  • What you’ll find below is a 100% free and no strings attached video course (with 6 videos) … that contains a complete guide to building your artist website online with WordPress.
  • You’ll get simple, step-by-step instructions on how to create a virtual art gallery and portfolio that works 24/7 to build an audience who will love, share, and buy your work. This format works for art, sculpture, photography, illustration, design, handmade work, anything creative that you want to sell online.
  • You’ll get behind-the-scenes access to a winning strategy for furthering your creative business, without any complicated technical fluff.  You don’t need to be a technical guru to do this… I promise!

There Really Are No Strings Attached (Seriously!)

You can watch this entire 6-part video course below without even opting in. You can scroll down right now and watch all 6 videos.

You should know this is the complete course. There is no part 2 of this course that I’m trying to sell you, or any other information product you need to buy to start building your site.

You can also start implementing all these website strategies in your business starting today. (I hope you do!)

Why I Created This 6-Part Course

I love how having self-hosted websites have liberated my own creative businesses and helped me gain independence from third party platforms… letting me create whatever I want on them!  I want you to benefit from the same strategies I’ve been using.

My goal was to create something that most people in the creative or business world would charge between $47 and $97 for. And then give it away for free.

You see, I created Artist Myth to help creatives overcome the myths that hold them back from having fulfilling, sustainable creative businesses. Some of those myths are that we think we have to rely on tech wizards or restrictive platforms to have an effective website… or that we have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive solutions… or that we have to give up control of how our site looks and works, making unreasonable sacrifices due to other people’s rules.

I’ve also heard too many horror stories of artists investing lots of time and dollars on someone else’s “free” website or social media platform… only to be barred, unlisted, or banned, all but destroying their business overnight. I don’t want that to happen to you!

Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect:

I’m Giving You A Behind the Scenes Glimpse At How I’ve Built Creative Websites For Over Five Years (and Explaining How to Do It)

In this free course, I’m showing you the exact system I have used to build my website here at Artist Myth. (And continue to use to this day for my other websites.)

I promise you — this is a complete system that absolutely anyone can start implementing immediately. It’s a process that works because as you’ll see, its aim is to make you independent of restrictions and the empty promises of having to rely on Social Media and “done for you” freebie platforms, and it includes the missing pieces they “conveniently” leave out of what they tell you.

If you implement this process exactly as I’m showing you, there’s a good chance you will (at the very least) increase the size of your email list and get more qualified leads for your art . You’ll also have an evergreen online art gallery in place to grow your business while you sleep – without fear of it being yanked out from under you.

Of course, I’m not just going to tell you the steps… I’m also going to tell you why you’re taking them. They’re based on best practices that I’ve learned from building my own creative business (and from coaching others how to build their own artistic endeavors). Since I’ve already figured all this out for you, it will remove a lot of the headaches and hassles that most people experience trying to figure this out on their own. (And I’ll give you as much perspective and examples as I can fit into each video).

So, without further ado, here’s the course…


Why Do Artists Need A Self-Hosted Website?

In this first video, I’ll give you the reasons why creatives need our very own piece of online real estate. You’ll also learn the pitfalls of relying only on “freebie” websites and social media. Press play to watch this video now…

Or listen to the audio of the first part of the course on Soundcloud:

Resources Mentioned In This Module:


Websites 101

If you’ve ever asked, “Where does my website live?”, “What’s a web host?” and “What exactly is WordPress?”, then you need to watch this video, which gives you a non-technical overview of what these things are.

Or listen to the audio version of this lesson on Soundcloud:

Resources Mentioned In This Module:


A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Website in 7 Minutes

Yes, it only takes seven minutes to get your web hosting set up with Bluehost (my recommended hosting) and WordPress installed on your brand new domain. I’ll prove it to you! Press play to watch this video now…

Or listen to the audio of this lesson on Soundcloud:

Resources Mentioned In This Module:


The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Artist Website Design

In this lesson we talk about the number one goal of your online portfolio… and what you should and should not have in your site to support this goal. This clarity will be your design mantra as you create and maintain the site.

Or listen to the audio of this lesson on Soundcloud:

Resources Mentioned In This Module:


A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Online Gallery With WordPress

In this video, I show you how to customize your WordPress installation with your creative business in mind. I walk you through a sample gallery site setup, from uploading your logo and artwork to making an about page.

Or listen to the audio of this lesson on Soundcloud:

Resources Mentioned In This Module:


Tweaking And Updating Your Artist Website

In this video I’ll show you how to add a simple opt-in form to begin building your audience, and how to extend your site with plugins to protect it from hackers and spam.

Or listen to the audio of this lesson on Soundcloud:

Resources Mentioned In This Module:

  • Bluehost: (affiliate link… thanks for using!)
  • MailChimp: (email marketing tool)
  • SumoMe: (WordPress plugin for a lot of great email tools)
  • Paypal: (Gives you an easy payment solution for your artwork)
  • Akismet: (WordPress plugin that prevents comment spam)
  • UpdraftPlus: (WordPress plugin that backs and restores your WordPress site)
  • Wordfence Security: (WordPress plugin that secures your site from hackers)



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