Every artist needs an audience.

In fact, some contend that the very definition of art depends on a willing, listening, looking, buying group of people who are interested in your work.

Here are a few posts which should help … as always, please let me know what questions you may have regarding marketing your art.


Sell The Outcome, Not The Art

It's easy to get wrapped up in the product we are creating, at the expense of recognizing its end result. What sells is not pixels, posters, or paint. What people want is the outcome. In sales circles, they frequently talk about a person selling drills. To sell a...

6 Steps To Selling Your Creative Work

Selling Doesn't Have To Be Scary Words like "selling" can be terrifying to an artist. I certainly avoided the word like the plague nearly all of my life, ever since I was pressed into selling magazines for my school fundraiser. It was here, in sixth grade, that I...