“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.”
– Norman Ralph Augustine

“Am I talented enough?”

The temptation is to ask yourself this question every day. But it’s folly to do this.

Talent is just a starting point. It’s the hand you’re dealt. But as any good poker player knows (okay, I’m not even very good at poker, but I do know how the game is played and won) it’s what you do with that hand that makes all the difference.

Which is why raw talent is overrated.

We desire what we don’t have. We glorify that which is rare. Which are more reasons why the focus is on raw talent and not on where it should be… what you do with that talent.

What “talent hand” have you been dealt?

Examine thyself. Be honest. What are your talents?

  • What are you good at?
  • What have people admired about you?
  • What do people say you make “look easy”?
  • What seems to be effortless?


You may be shortchanging yourself. You might be trying to find and acquire things you don’t yet have, while ignoring what’s right in front of your face: your natural talent.

It might be time for a personal inventory, to make sure you are using the gifts you’ve been given to their fullest extent.

Because talent doesn’t mean much unless it’s put into practice.

So I’ll fill in the blank to the first question I presented at the beginning of this article. That question was, “Are You Talented Enough?”

The answer is this: “Yes.”

It’s a “yes” not because you’re born with innate abilities, but it’s a “yes” because you have a pulse… and the ability to develop your talents further if you want it enough to try.

Even a barely-talented person can become a superstar with enough practice, persistence, and dedication. So stop shortchanging yourself… you have enough of what it takes.

Now get out there and do something about it.