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Greetings, creative-types! I’m Mike Roy, founder of Artist Myth, and if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How can I get more people to look at my art?
  • How can I persuade somebody to buy my work?
  • How can I negotiate better sales prices, better rates, and a higher salary?
  • How can I price my creative work profitably without scaring people off?
  • How can I convince people to give me a chance?

Or if you’ve ever just needed someone to listen, or be a friend who understands

…You’re in the right place!


Here’s the deal:

I believe smart artists and creatives who want to thrive in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST become master marketers, persuaders, and salespeople.

How can you find the time to do this while running a business… while working a full-time job… while raising a family?

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of hours of videos and audio, and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts”…

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Because I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works and how you can start doing it for your creative business and life.
And because I have a knack for breaking down stories, case studies, and your own internal creative desires into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY.

Mike Roy on set supervising a commercial shoot


I am an Artist, Entrepreneur, and Coach.

I have created and sold art in just about every imaginable form over the years as a freelancer and independent artist. I have enjoyed a lengthy employment at a world-class creative studio as a visual effects artist doing work for commercials, music videos, movies, and the web. Most recently, I have found what I love to do most is to help fellow artists.

You’ll see that my approach to life and business as an artist is effective. I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge about how to negotiate with collaborators and clients, how to develop an online digital platform where your art can be seen, and how to motivate yourself to get off your butt and do the work.

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Meet My “Why”

Roy Family Picture At Gulf Shores Alabama