The mission of the Artist Myth is to help artists create fulfilling, sustainable creative careers.


This is done by negating false myths that act as scripts for beliefs and behavior, and replacing them with new ones to develop a new personal story.

What is a Myth?

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A Myth is defined by Mirriam-Webster as follows:

a :  a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone; especially :  one embodying the ideals and institutions of a society or segment of society

b:  an unfounded or false notion

King Triton Blowing His Horn

Many Artists have Myths that hold them back from achieving the success they desire.

These come in many forms. We learn them as we go to school, as we watch movies and listen to music, and as we talk with people. We don’t have to seek them out, they are always there, unconsciously influencing our beliefs. For those of us with the innate desire to create things and give them as gifts to other people, they present significant roadblocks as we seek to balance the need for sustenance with the desire to create.

Some Examples of Artist Myths

The Starving Artist Myth.

One popularly held myth is that artists cannot make enough to sustain themselves. Many also think that it is impossible for a living artist to make as much as a doctor or lawyer makes.

The Super Artist Myth.

Many believe that there is an “artist gene” that a select few are born with. You either have it or you don’t. If you are born without it – well, tough luck, pal.


The Cinderella Artist Myth.

There are many stories of artists who wait endlessly for someone to discover them and rescue them from poverty… and wait…and wait…

Do any of the following statements describe your thoughts and actions about the creative work you do?

I feel limited by my thoughts… when I want to create, I feel resistance.
Limited in Louisiana

My thoughts about money are often negative and wrapped in anxiety.
Anxious in Anaheim

I feel nervous when I talk about or sell my creative work to people.
Nervous in Nevada

I don’t feel justified in selling my art at all!
Starving Steve

If you have beliefs like the ones above, then you are probably experiencing a struggle inside.
This struggle is the tension between your current beliefs… and the life that you want on the other side of those beliefs.

To have the life you desire, you need to erase those faulty myths… and write new ones so that you can lead a prosperous, rewarding life doing what you love.

Imagination Time

So what would it be like…

…to have a fully satisfying and fulfilling creative career?

Would you…

  • Wake up each morning eager to get started on your day of creating great art?
  • Like to be able to speak to people confidently about your art, with no feelings of self-consciousness or shyness?
  • Like to make enough money selling your art so that you don’t have to worry about the next paycheck?
  • Like to have a wellspring of creativity like you’ve never experienced before, not having to worry about where your next idea will come from?
  • Enjoy life satisfied in knowing that you truly bring a special gift to the world that nobody else can bring?

Your Creative Journey Can Begin Today


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